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Our Philosophy

  Friday, January 18th, 2019 | 02:20:57 AM
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Chef Edward Mac Trained at Pasadena's California School of Culinary Arts, has over ten years of industry experience and worked as a celebrity chef and caterer in Homby Hills before turning his attentions to the canine cuisine market. As the Executive Chef at The Parlour Wine Bar and Bistro in Glendora, CA. Chef Edward Mac uses his creative culinary talents to enchant his dinning guests with delicious meals. Collaborating with some of the finest professionals in the industry, Mac and his team create The Parlour’s dining experience.

About Chef Edward Mac


We always use human grade.

We avoid artificial colors or flavors.

We use organically grown produce whenever possible.

We believe in using American made products whenever possible.

Canine Nutrition:

Canine Chef™ uses recipes and canine nutrition research published by veterinarians and other chefs who cook for dogs.

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